Booth construction

The most beautifull exhibition booth

Are you as a business professional think of participating in an exhibition or fair? And are you looking for a booth constructing company that will assure you of new clients visiting your booth?
Just contact 4Standin, because we are the professionals in booth design, producing and building especially foor exhibitions and fairs.
We produce furniture, displays, bars, desks and walls in our own workshop and build it on your exhibition. And we will do that for a very nice price! Attract more visitors to your booth with our furniture and take advantage of our craftsmanship to get that done.

Many years active on exhibitions

4Standin is active on exhibitions and fairs for many years now.
With this background of many years, 4Standin started in 2009 with only one purpose: To produce the best and attractive booth for each customer! Our experienced employees can produce booth furniture that it distinghuises itself from other competitors. And that is why we do that, just to give you more new potential customers!

The best furniture to attract more visitors

We only have one goal when we are producing a complete booth for your event or exhibition. You have to gain more visitors than the other competitors and we now how to make that possible. We produce standard furniture, but in most cases it’s our bars and desks that attracts peoples attention at the exhibiton. We also supply displays and booth walls to show your products to the people.


You can store your booth with us

Of course it can be that you want to use your booth for other exhibitions. That’s why you can store your booth with us in our company. We also keep in mind of the design of the booth so that we can store your booth easily. This is a benefit for you as a customer, because at low costs you are getting a booth that we can store and use again.

Make your appointment for your exhibition booth now

Do you want to know more about 4Standin and are you still looking for an exhibition booth constructing company for your event?
Contact us now! We can give you a very good and detailed quotation. Take advantage of our possibility to store your exhibition booth and to use it several times over and over again for the exhibitons and events that you are participating in. Let us convince you about the big impression that we can make for you at the exhibition, fair or event. Your competitors will be jealous.